About The Autism Mentorship Program

The Autism Mentorship Program (A.M.P.) is a Not-For-Profit Organization founded to support youth with ASD in the community by leveraging the strengths of post-secondary student-athlete volunteers.

What We Do

We engage, recruit, train, and pair student-athletes with local youth who have ASD. Through weekly/bi-weekly one-on-one meetings, our program participants are able to experience new social situations and environments. A.M.P. also works with local sports organizations to create ASD-accessible and inclusive sporting events.

Through these pairings, we provide a resource for families with children on the Autism Spectrum that helps relieve some of the challenges associated with caring for a child on the spectrum. A.M.P. empowers student-athletes to assist with the course of development of our participants through a safe, positive, and constructive relationship with invested and trained volunteers. As an organization founded by youth in support of youth, A.M.P. prioritizes awareness, acceptance, and action.

Mission Statement

The Autism Mentorship Program’s mission is to establish itself as a premier volunteering opportunity for student-athletes while prioritizing the needs, interests, abilities, and experience of our program participants. A.M.P. will achieve this by following these six core values:
Preparing our community of student-athlete volunteers with the necessary skills, tools, and resources to succeed in their mentorship roles.
Creating new bonds, links, and familiarity with participants, their families, and volunteers within the A.M.P. community.
Placing emphasis on the importance of exchanging thoughts, feelings, and perspectives.
Providing the framework for life-changing reciprocal interactions, new memories, and experiences for our volunteers, participants, and their families.
Enabling asset-based community development by connecting and enriching the lives of everyone in the A.M.P. community.
Promoting a more accessible and inclusive community through our words and actions.