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The Autism Mentorship Program (A.M.P.) pairs local youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and trained post-secondary student-athletes to foster a safe, inclusive, and productive environment that promotes the child’s social, cognitive, and motor skill development.

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The success of the Autism Mentorship Program relies on the active involvement of parents, guardians, and families of children with ASD, student-athlete volunteers, and educational institutions.

Whether you’re the parent or guardian of a child with ASD or a post-secondary student-athlete, learn more about how to get involved with A.M.P.
Educational Institutions
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How A.M.P. Works

ASD can present itself in many different ways. Some of our program participants may experience difficulties in various aspects of their lives. Our trained student-athlete volunteers have the capacity to alleviate some of the challenges that can be associated with ASD.

What We Do

A.M.P. promotes asset-based mutually beneficial connections that promote inclusive and accessible communities.

The connections between our program participants and our student-athlete provide:
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